COWGIRL / Painted corrugated cardboard / 30x32x23 / 2009
This piece was featured along with many of my other cardboard sculptures at “>fridaynights” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

“This is a self portrait. I am a lover of hats.“

FALLEN HERO / Painted corrugated cardboard, rubble / 85x36x40 / 2010

“This over life size male figure is a memorial to all soldiers in all our contemporary wars, as ‘the powers that be’ continue to devalue those willing to risk their lives for questionable causes.”

BODHISATTVA / Painted corrugated cardboard / 38X36X24 / 2001 SOLD

Piece for Peace / Painted corrugated cardboard, hanging paper cranes / 24x30x35 / 2010

STREET PERSON I / Painted corrugated cardboard / 51X15X36 / 2001

“Figures made from cardboard interest me.   I like the contradiction of the valuable subject, human life, expressed through a valueless material.  In my series of cardboard figures, the valued and the valueless become one.  The personalities become interchangeable with their material.  I think that makes them really alive.”

STREET PERSON II / Painted corrugated cardboard / 51x15x36 / 2001 SOLD

AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUTH / Painted corrugated cardboard / 16X11X12 / 2009

BOUNTIFUL HARVEST (Installation) / Painted corrugated cardboard and plastic, fluorescent spray paint, popcorn, cheese curls, ruffles chips / 11ft. x 11ft. x 9ft. / 2012

“The cardboard is as flavorless and manufactured as the corn is in Iowa.” While figures made from cardboard suggest lack of value and impermanence, works such as this installation suggest lack of value, lack of sustainability, and comment the manufactured quality of much of our food today.

SHIPPED ITEM / Bronze casting of a cardboard box with styrofoam peanuts / 14x16x12 / 2013

“This cardboard box with packing peanuts cast in Bronze was my way of saying farewell and thank you to the cardboard as my chosen material for sculpture for many years.  I felt I had worn it out, tired of anatomy of the figure, not wanting to be pegged as a ‘sculptor of cardboard’, and looking for more rich meaning from my materials… 
I took a metaphoric last look at the box and opened it, excited to see what my new work would be. Then I began working with another form of trash, plastic containers.

CARDBOARD HAT / Painted corrugated cardboard / 8x16x14 / 2009