FOUNTAIN; LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR A COLLAPSED ECONOMY/ shopping cart, plastic containers, motorized pump, water / 50x52x36 / 2018

SEA WORLD / Plastic bottle cap mosaic, on three plywood panels / 67x96x5

“This large work took three years to complete. I had to look through a mirror on the opposite wall of my studio to know where to place the caps. Each cap is individually glued - layer upon layer. There are over 10,000 plastic caps total from all over the world.
The layering creates an undulating surface reminding me of the motion of the sea.”

EVOLUTION Motorized Kaleidoscope / Mixed Media / 62x24x53 / 2018

“I am interested in the notion of cycles. Recycling. I think about development, growth, decline, and subsequent regeneration into new physical form. I am particularly interested in the decline portion of the cycle, and the space between decline and subsequent regeneration, where the mysterious spiritual world is at work and transformation occurs. My works are intended to be about the transformation of their material, where its original purpose lingers, but has changed.”

PUMPED / Motorized work, single use water bottles, fleece fabric, satin upholstery / 15x40x40 / 2011

“This was my first piece using plastic containers. In 2010 the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil spill disaster took place in the Gulf of Mexico. It remains the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. This was deeply disturbing, and prompted me to make a piece about, what looked to be, the death of the gulf. Each water bottle has a tiny motor and arm that grinds out the motion of an oil derrick. The bottles are housed in a tufted satin casing made to suggest a coffin, while also conjuring thoughts of luxury and human desire.

GARBAGE PATCH / Plastic containers on canvas, on foam rubber, paint / 96x54x12 / 2011

“I create new life from waste reflecting back to viewer what nature does. 
The piles of trash in my studio serve as metaphors for my personal version of chaos. My work is to tease out order and turn the wreckage into rebirth; trash into art.”

SINGLE STREAM INSTALLATION / 250 foot strand of painted plastic containers strung together on cord / 2012
Installation for “Art in the Open” Philadelphia PA

“My project for Art in the Open was to make a long strand of plastic containers that would stretch out alongside the bike path and the Schuylkill river.  I had many passionate conversations about the impact of plastics on our environment, over consumption, the power of advertising, petroleum products and non renewable energy...  and then, just some fun with kids.   The strand eventually reached a length of 525 feet.  It was interesting to watch people view it while they moved past.   My piece became part of the movement of the city in my busy location, running parallel to a train track on one side, the path and the river on the other, and the expressway beyond the river, where I watched the brightly colored cars strung in slow moving lines like my Single Stream. Many passersby added their water bottles to the work.
I placed a plastic lobster at the start of the strand, and was pleased to find when I was finished someone had placed a plastic hermit crab cage at the other end.”

IGLOO / Plastic gallon milk jugs, LED lights / 51x60x60 / 2012
Installation at Woodmere Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA

Power in numbers…. “I enjoy the power of multiples. Surrounding one’s self with a repeated image reinforces that object’s impact, and speaks about the collective more than the individual.
”I enjoy the meditative quality of repetition in form, movement, and process. I am drawn to basic methods of construction.
Although I have recently challenged myself to work with small motors, sound, and light components, my hot glue gun, good shears,
a plastic riveter, and screw gun remain my favorite tools.”

SISTERS / plastic gallon milk jugs / variable sized wall art - this grouping 48x84x6 / 2013

“Every once in a while, a little effort makes a big splash. These inverted milk jugs are simply cut diagonally and the half with the handle is pushed up further into the bottom half, creating a life size head with some kind of headdress on. The faces are surprisingly individual I think, considering they are all stamped out mass-produced forms.

’Sisters’ is part of a series of works made specifically from plastic milk jugs. These works are intended to be about the unexpected transformation of their material, the milk jug, in which its purpose still exists, but has changed.”

INFANTA MARGARET / Painted plastic milk jugs; gallon, half gallon and quart / 35x17x19 / 2013

“‘Infanta Margaret’ was created for an exhibition celebrating Picasso’s 100th birthday at Porter Contemporary Gallery, NY, NY.
I chose to do a sculptural version of one of Picasso’s many painted versions of the young Spanish princess Margaret Theresa, which
the master painted after the famed, ‘Maids of Honor’, done in 1556 by the earlier great Spanish master, Valazquez.
The idea that my princess Margaret is made from trash while referencing artwork of the highest value, and royalty, brings into
question the monetary value we place on art.”

NOVA / Plastic bottles on speaker fabric, LED lights / 50x50x14 / 2016

“Always expressing thoughts about the destruction of our environment and civilization and the evils of the petroleum industry is no good for the soul. I am choosing in my recent work to focus on the bigger picture of geologic and astronomic time, acknowledging that we are only a blip on the surface of the Earth and her life span will continue and evolve despite our intervention. Mother earth will eventually integrate whatever we present her with for digestion. We are part of nature - not separate from it. Nothing we can create can be separate from it.”

ZEN GARDEN / interactive work / transparent plastics, sand, tools to make different arrangements / 100x72xVariable height / 2013

TRASH TALK (HEAD OF TRUMP) / Plastic milk jugs, detergent containers / 26x20x18 / 2017

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LID / Mixed Media / 8x10x6 / 2014